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Opening Ceremony

Friday, 16 December 2022 @ 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Watch the Recording of the Opening Ceremony Here:  https://fb.watch/hAOyH5Br-9/

Here’s who is participating in this event:

* Patricia Anne Davis
* Phil Lane Jr.
* Annaloes Smitsman
* Ejna Fleury
* Chief Dwaine Perry
* Dot Maver

Please join Grandmother Patricia Anne Davis, Diné/Mississippi Band of Choctaw elder, at the 2nd Friday monthly Love Currency Embassy, a Sacred Circle Ceremony for Wellness Restoration Zoom event using the Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process sequencing for healing out-of-balance conditions.

We are learning how to identify and deconstruct the Root Causes that maintain out-of-balance conditions that keep us trapped and entrenched in patterns of socially engineered and conditioned destructive & death-producing decisions and those outcomes. We are learning how to Reframe our thinking into constructive and life-affirming co-creative solutions.

We have been talking about war and we now, we are talking about addictions. We are focusing on seeing the beauty within us and around us to realize love exists within us and around us, which originates from caring for ourselves and for others and all living beings. We can intend, visualize, dialogue and manifest “living the loving way as a way of life” in order to transmute the energy field of jealousy, hatred, animosity, aggression, violence and suffering caused by perpetual warmongering and warfare. All wars are wars against children because they recruit every generation to participate in their own demise.

Last session we called war an Addiction because it’s Root Cause is addiction to control and to Greed: Naholbi, describes never enough and never satisfied. There is injestive “addiction”, and there is are addictions in events, a process or a person. Chemical Dependency is “lying to survive” and Co-dependency is “lying to survive”. How do we restore balance and harmony for self-sufficiency, not perpetuating and sustaining addictions. In the future we will learn about disease and how to heal our dis-eases that manifest as medically diagnosed diseases, including “Mental Illness”.

We are exploring the justifications of why people choose addictions to self-sabotage, at a great cost of inflicting suffering upon ourselves and others. Addictions effect everyone. Can we recognize this within ourselves, and how do we choose to get out of our Persistence and Resistance to Systems Level Change, by deconstructing the Root Cause of the Out-of-Balance Condition of Addiction. How do we protect ourselves from the out-of-balance condition of Addictions?

We give much gratitude to Patricia’s Dine’ father, the late Anselm G. Davis, Sr. from Lukachukai, AZ ,who gave her the task of “undoing the thinking that caused our people so much violence and suffering.”


Friday, 16 December 2022
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST
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