Four Worlds International Institute

Four Worlds International Institute is a family of people and organizations, bound together by a set of common principles based on the traditional teachings of North American tribal peoples brought together with the best that western science and technology has to offer in a non-profit organization. For more than 30 years, Four Worlds has been learning how to support individuals, families, organizations, communities, and nations in building a healthy and sustainable future for the human family.

Four Worlds International Institute for Human and Community Development was born out of the intense deliberations and prayers of a gathering of native elders and community leaders that was held on the Blood Indian Reservation on the high plains of Alberta in the last week of December 1982. Forty distinguished representatives of North American tribes met in search of a solution to the social devastation brought on by alcohol, poverty, and an increasing sense of powerlessness that was sweeping across tribal communities.

Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest

Compassion Games make our communities safer, kinder, more just, and better places to live. Compassion Games is a community engagement experience that invites people around the world to inspire one another to reveal and promote acts of compassion that better our lives, our communities, and all life on Earth.

The Compassion Games fosters creativity to develop empathy into action. The following six impacts offer a way to appreciate and anticipate the benefits of participation in the Compassion Games:

  1. Catalyst to ignite engagement
  2. Amplifier of what’s already working
  3. Framework and baseline for measuring compassion strength
  4. Engaging environment for reflection and learning
  5. Platform for cultivating open participation
  6. Connection to a global movement

Compassion is an antidote to the fear, disconnection, and social isolation of our time. Scientific research abounds in revealing the intrinsic human necessity for compassion to flourish in our personal, professional, and civic lives. As a profound source of power within each of us, playing with compassion inspires us to connect authentically with one another, rejuvenating our spirits as we actively live into a positive vision of our world, together.

Global Centre of Indigenous Sciences and Ancestral Wisdom

The Global Centre of Indigenous Sciences and Ancestral Wisdom (GCISAW) is guided, controlled, and protected by authentic custodians of Indigenous knowledge, who respect and maintain cultural traditions. In consultation with leading Western MD’s and scientists, especially with those who understand functional and systemic medicine, and by design, the Centre will move across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Our Vision is to contribute to the thrivable, harmonious, and prosperous living of all Members of our Human Family and our Mother Earth, and Future Generations by making available the knowledge, wisdom, and long-standing practices of Planetary Custodianship and Indigenous Sciences through globally coordinated and interlinked centres in all essential bioregions of our world. GCISAW  organizes and governs itself under the mandate and general management of the Indigenous peoples of those Bioregions involved.

Our Mission is to support this global Vision by starting with the establishment of the first Global Centre of Indigenous Sciences, with the priority area, the Amazon Bioregion, under the mandate and general management of the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon bioregion. We envision that this global development process will begin in the Amazon Bioregion, and then spread to other bioregions in Panama, Mexico, Canada/US and beyond.

SINE (Synergized Impact Network Exchange) Network

The SINE Network is an alliance of social change innovators committed to behavior change at scale through collaborative learning, innovation, and unprecedented unified action.

The Purpose of SINE (Synergized Impact Network Exchange) is to develop, disseminate, and implement new concepts of synergy and unprecedented unified action.

The Design of SINE is modeled not on the machine but on the fundamental organizing principles of nature. It harmoniously blends apparent opposites such as competition and cooperation, self-organization and coherence, freedom, and concern for the common good.  The SINE Network amplifies and empowers our members to create social change innovations that are designed to scale-up and reach all members of our human family.

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