Build a Global Fire

In 2018 as part of UNITY EARTH’S Land of Origins journey to Ethiopia we lit a Global Fire of One Love in Lalibela, Ethiopia. We brought together the Compassion Torch, the Peace Flame, and the Lamp of Unity during World Interfaith Harmony Week and in anticipation of a celebration of Bob Marley’s birthday to take place at Shashamane later in the week.  That night in Lalibela we lit the Global FIre of One Love.

Here is a video that captures the ceremony under a super full-moon at a sacred site in Lalibela with Kristin Hoffmann and Premik Russell Tubbs providing the background music.

The fire ceremony is also featured in the UNITY EARTH music video Stand Up Together.

The Global Fire of One Love has fueled our journey together and feeds the global fire that is burning in our hearts and souls.

Global Fireplace Video Playlist

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