Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Service Projects: Lighting Up the USA Part Two

A variety of community leaders from around the USA will be sharing service projects honoring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Enlightening Our Way Together. Join us in the zoom room and in community to build a Beloved Community. Get creative, fun and meaningful ideas on how to serve your community too!

Uniting Through our Resources / Moneyless Society

Moneyless Society: Moneyless means no currency, trade, barter, or exchange is necessary for survival and access to necessities. We aim to create a new and unparalleled economic system that provides for everyone, where people contribute voluntarily, when and where they choose.

2022 Was a Building Year, 2023 is for Co-Creating

David’s sacred calling holds this container and assists others to step out of the limitation of logical-linear thinking, fear, pain, and lack. His essence is deeply gentle, nourishing, and kind, like his heart. There is no judgment in him, only love and a powerful Presence.

TEEMING up for Brand Earth

The “laws of nature” give rise to the motions of the sun and moon and the richness of the waters, airs, and soils we depend on. They are not declared, they simply are. Can we see with fresh eyes and unsay the world? Can we rehumanize our lives to align with life's deep patterns?

Ho’oponopono and Animals

This is will be an opportunity to explore, cleanse, expand our relationships with non-human animals both past and present with the Ho’oponopono process.

EARTHwise Constitution & Solstice Celebration

Please join us as we celebrate the Winter & Summer Solstices with music and selected readings from the EARTHwise Constitution. We are gathering as a community on this special day to support our collective shift in consciousness for becoming a wiser and more mature species. As we unite for the wellbeing of our planet and future generations, we will affirm our commitment to an emerging Planetary Civilization, together.

Annual Global Silent Minute

The theme for this fourth annual Global Silent Minute is Re-Orient to Truth through Silence. Inspired by the Big Ben Silent Minute that helped to end World War II, the Global Silent Minute at 9 pm daily is dedicated to the end of all war and to bring peace to humankind and all life. Participate in the live broadcast or with friends and family as we come together for one exact minute of Silence as Action in Sacred Unity. www.globalsilentminute.org
The Power of Silence is greater than we know.

UNIFY’s 2012 World Spirit Day Meditation

UNIFY's 2012 World Spirit Day meditation on 12.21.12 was also held exactly on the solstice.  What a blessing to be here 10 years later and celebrate over 100 global events, billions reached, and partners and friends like you! 

Poetically Speaking: A Discourse on Rebirth

An opportunity to share insights, perspectives and understanding around Rebirth in a poetic flow on a virtual mic with space to breathe.

OhGs! MOM, It’s You/Me/Us Again

I'm a storyteller about MOM - the Magic in Ordinary Moments that accompany me as I travel through my life, most lately to England to climb Glastonbury Tor (and go to Making Wyrd the Norm), and to Egypt to climb Mount Sinai. I'm going to share some stories and invite you to share some stories of your own.

10th Anniversary of Birth 2012 with the Co-Creators Convergence Community

What awoke in you in 2012 and has blossomed since that time? We will spend this time together sharing our experiences, reflections and "our Hearts' Desire" as futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard would say! Whether you knew Barbara or not, can you trace a shift in YOUR personal evolution to December 2012?

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