FOUR WORLDS INDIGENOUS UNIVERSITY (FWIU) Foundations: Talking Circles + Empathy Architects

In this 90 mins session, we will cover the following topics:

1) General news: FWIU launched "Horizons of Unitive Healing"
EmpathyArchitects as the lifestyle arm that plugs into FWIU

2) Talking Circle Leadership as FWIU foundational course
Talking circle element is integrated into all our courses as a way to drive the transformation we envision -Communication style that foster Unity, Acceptance, Respect and Noble Qualities of the Heart.

3) Joan presents Talking Circle Leadership -Break out experience

A Convening Truth, Part I: Foundations: We are all One

Here in Part I of a 3-part series, we develop the foundations of “A Convening Truth”, centered around the key, basic principle that we are all one. No one describes this better than Chief Phil Lane, Jr., who will lead this conversation

Stories from the Island First Nation of Ireland, with James Desmond and Friends

The indigenous peoples of the Island First Nation of Ireland are among the most celebrated and loved storytellers of the original world. Come listen and love as we are enchanted by both the words and spirits of a multi-millennial oral tradition, passed down through the generations, and alive and well today.


This is the call for humankind to address our growing crises on Mother Earth. We are gathering luminaries at all dimensions of human endeavor to inspire us and to help light the way.

EOWT Circle for Sacred Dialogue

This is our opportunity to share deep conversation. Let's craft solutions from our hearts, our minds and our souls. The way of unity for humanity is a way of listening...

NewGrange: The History of the Indigenous Stone Circles of Ireland

The famous stone circles of NewGrange in County Meath pre-date Stonehenge by 5,000 years, and include stone carvings very similar to Hopi pictographs. Come journey with us as we explore with knowledgeable indigenous locals and elders the origins and deep ancestral roots of the indigenous Irish stone circles.

Annual Global Silent Minute

The theme for this fourth annual Global Silent Minute is Re-Orient to Truth through Silence. Inspired by the Big Ben Silent Minute that helped to end World War II, the Global Silent Minute at 9 pm daily is dedicated to the end of all war and to bring peace to humankind and all life. Participate in the live broadcast or with friends and family as we come together for one exact minute of Silence as Action in Sacred Unity.
The Power of Silence is greater than we know.

UNITING THE HEMISPHERES FOR THE SOLSTICES: Celebrating Winter & Summer with Esteemed Elders & Sacred Fire

Join First Nation leaders, Wisdom Keepers from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres for sacred fires to honor Mother Gaia's turning of the seasons:- Winter for the North and Summer for the South. This is a most auspicious time . It offers a portal through which we can unravel centuries of old patterns, as Mother Gaia channels a download from our Galactic Center.

Spiral Back to Center Solstice Turning – Guided Ritual Transformation Dance

We join in transformation thru symbolic images and ritual as a return to original experience of humanness. We balance body, mind and spirit joining in the creation of spiritual community. We will explore the topic, create sacred space with ancestral native songs, dance together, and share the experience afterwards in conversation.

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